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Find out about our patient-focused, multidisciplinary team including the following specialists:  Custom Foot Orthotics, Dietician, Massage Therapist, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Expert, and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Incontinence Expert, Pilates Experts, Reiki and Naturopath, Tai Chi Qigong Experts and Yoga Instructor:


Sonya Matthews — T.P., C.Ped (c), M.A., B.Sc.
— Biop Montreal

Sonya offers services in biomechanical assessments and custom foot orthoses. She holds a Masters degree in Biomechanics and is trained and certified in Québec and Canada in the assessment, design and fitting of custom foot orthoses . Sonya has worked for over 20 years as a specialist in biomechanics & orthoses with physically active individuals, Olympic athletes and with leading companies in the footwear industry (ex. adidas, Bauer and CCM).

Biop Montreal Inc.

T 514-582-4308 

F 514-483-6386 

Tuesday and Wednesday 8:30am-2:00pm

Thursday 8:30am-5: 30 pm


Janice Cohen — B.Sc., R.D. Registered Dietician

Janice offers to help her clients to understand how the body works, what nutrition it needs and how to meet the needs of the individual. Some of these reasons that people consult Janice include: weight management, low energy levels, emotional eating disorders, excessive eating due to stress, medical conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, recurring stomach pains, acid reflux, chronic constipation, and many more. As a result of a successful nutrition plan, hundreds of people get rid of their excess weight and increase immensely their energy levels which immediately affects their productivity levels and helps in the coping with psychological and self-esteem problems, and generally leads to a greatly improved and more healthy life.

Janice Consulting Times:

Mondays 8:30-noon

Thursdays 4:30 pm-8:00pm

T 514-483-1213 L’Esprit


Massage Therapist

Tricia van der Walde

Tricia is a graduate of Kine Concept Professional School of Massage Therapy (1997) and a registered member of the Quebec Federation of Massage Therapists. Tricia’s foundation is in bodywork in Kinetic Swedish Massage and she has continued to expand her knowledge base to include Lymphatic Drainage and Integrative Deep Tissue techniques. As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor in private institutions and community centers , professionalism, health and individual attention are all important facets of her work. She is studying to be certified as a Kirpulu Trained Yoga teacher.

Tricia is passionate about her work with people. She loves that she can offer individuals personal attention and profession care. She enjoys creating a safe space where she can listen to her clients needs and  to tailor the best treatment to address their concerns. Her clients express the feeling of satisfaction and a sense of well being at the completion of a session.

By Appointment 

T 514-349-0490


Mindfulness Expert

Martha Gomez BSc , CRM

Complementary Therapist at Cedars CanSupport, Cedars Cancer Center, MUHC and Qualified MBSR Teacher, professionally trained at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare and Society, University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Mindfulness is paying attention, with purpose, in the present moment. It is being engaged in whatever is happening around you and within you with an attitude of openness, acceptance and self-kindness.

Martha is offering an eight-week MBSR course based on the program developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn in 1979 at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. In the training of mindfulness practice, you will learn how to access and cultivate your natural capacity to actively engage in caring for yourself and to effectively respond to stress.

Nearly three decades of scientific research worldwide suggest that MBSR has benefited people with: stress, medical conditions, psychological distress, and prevention of illness & maintaining Wellness


T 514-


Fall 2016 classes on Tuesdays 4:45-6:45pm (Registration is required) 

Private one-on-one consultations are available by appointment

Pelvic Floor Conditioning Expert

Myra Siminovitch

Physio Optimale

 Myra Siminovitch BSc. Pht, MBA, Physiotherapist

Twenty-five years experience at St. Mary’s Hospital prior to establishing Physio Optimale in 2001
Specializes in the Treatment of Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Treatment for both Men and Women
Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction  
Pelvic Floor and Perineal Pain
Post-partum Rehabilitation & Re-education

Physio Optimale Phone 514-486-0111


Physiotherapist and Fitness Instructor: Pilates 

Karen Kunigis 

Karen is a licensed physiotherapist and certified fitness instructor for over 30 years.

In the past 20 years, Karen has seen the positive effects of the Pilates methods of exercise for all types of clientele, including people suffering from chronic back and neck pain. This class is designed for all levels of physical ability from the beginner to the advanced as many options are shown for each exercise.

Her philosophy is to execute every exercise properly and appropriately to your individual level to maximize the wonderful benefit of this method of exercise. The Pilates mat class is taught in a very relaxed setting whereby the progress of each person is without any competition.

Pilates is an excellent controlled method of increasing muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility of the core muscles including abdominals, back, neck, shoulders and hips. The overall result is improved posture, decreased symptoms of back and neck discomfort, increased muscular strength, endurance, flexibility of the core and a feeling of wellness and relaxation.

Contact Karen for information and registration.

The class is offered on Wednesdays 5-6 pm, 10 weeks, from January 11 - March 15, 2017.


T 514-489-7717

Pilates Expert

Thérèse Desrosier

Thérèse has 30 years as a dancer/instructor and has been a Classical Pilates instructor since 1998. She is proud to be the first PSC (Pilates Sports Center) certified Master Teacher Trainer in Canada. She also holds a PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) certification. In addition to her Pilates training, Thérèse holds certificates in other forms of wellness-centered disciplines which include Mattes Isolated Stretch, Trigger Point, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and The Satir Method.

Whenever possible, Thérèse will make the decision to get as close as possible to the original source of that methodology. She trained with Romana Kryzanowska for Authentic Pilates, Maria Gomori for Satir, Aaron Mattes for The Mattes Isolated Stretch Method and Steve Davis for NLP. Thérèse's clientele includes world-renowned musicians, A-list Hollywood and Québec artists.

For information or to schedule a class:




Reiki Expert and Naturopath

Daniel Richard  N.D., Msc.M.

Reiki is a healing technique from Japan that alleviates stress and promotes relaxation. Daniel Richard, as a Reiki expert, he run his hands just above a person's body in their energy field. The belief is that life force energy surrounds all living things, and if it is left unbalanced, it causes illness and stress.

Reiki accelerates self-healing on the physical, mental , emotional and spiritual level

The benefits of Reiki:  Extreme relaxation, stress reduction, strengthens the immune system and increases energy.

Please take note that Reiki is an alternative to traditional medicine.  Reiki does not replace medical professional services , no medical treatment will be negatively effected by a Reiki treatment.

As a certified naturopath, Daniel Richard treats disease using herbs, special diets, vitamins massage to assist the natural healing process.

Contact: Cell 514-941-9823


Tai Chi - Qigong Experts

     Linda Morin       Johanne Drapeau

Johanne & Linda are  both certified instructors who are leading Tai Chi – Qigong programs at the Jewish General Hospital and CLSC René Cassin. They are colloborating in research projects to document the benefits of these exercises..  The participants include: patients suffering from anxiety and depression; caretakers with physical and mental health challenges; and people who want to enhance their energy and creativity.They were trained by Claude Kamga Defo,  president of the Qi Healing Center, Master of Taichi – Qigong and doctor in TCM. For them, teaching Tai Chi-Qigong is their calling.

Derived from martial arts, Taichi & Qigong are a series of exercises practiced as a slow and precise flow of continuous and circular movements. This practice aims to maintain good physical, mental and spiritual health in accordance with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medecine. It is often referred to as meditation in movement.  Visualisation and mindfulness exercises accompany specific movements to ease the heart and soul. This program teaches new tools to relieves stress, tension and anxiety, improve aerobic capacity, balance, concentration, alertness and memory. These movements, practiced regularly will become a precious venue to enhance general physical and mental health. There is no specific equipment needed, comfortabe clothing and a water bottle are recommended.

Wednesday evening for 10 weeks from Jan 18 th to March 22th  2017. 7h30 to 8h30pm


Contact: information and registration 514 232-7224 or 514 887-2234


Toning Instructor 

Sharon Rice

Strength training is essential for healthy and enjoyable living! Sharon’s toning classes incorporate strength training in fun, yet challenging workouts. This class will help you increase strength of all major muscle groups with squats, lunges, bicep and tricep exercises. Dumbbells, and bands are used to help you define the muscles in your upper and lower body.  This class makes you look good and feel great! It makes you forget your problems and focus on yourself, exercise is a key to well-being and happiness.

Sharon is certified in Group Strength (Toning), Group cycling and as a personal trainer. Her philosophy is “be the best that you can be”, join us and you too will maximize your strenghts!!

Contact: Paula Glazer at L'Esprit 514-483-1213


Yoga Instructor

Brandee Safran

Yoga stretches our minds and bodies to new depths of knowledge and beauty within ourselves. Through the practice of yoga you will learn to bring your body into better postural alignment, through the grace of moving with the breath and developing greater strength. Yoga optimizes the function of every system of your body from muscles to digestion, circulation and immunity. With the practice we calm the nervous system, clear mental clutter and experience better health and happiness. Instilled in the practice is learning to accept ourselves where we are and work to develop a more compassionate relationship with our bodies. In each class we will work on integration of body, breath and mind. 

Yoga for Digestive health
This special course is designed to meet the needs of people afflicted by crohn’s, colitis or ibs. The program is custom-built for individuals who are looking to adopt a better relationship with their disease through the practice of yoga to support their specific bodily demands and spiritual needs.

Having lived with colitis and ibs for the past 30 years, I have personally experienced the painful limitations often inflicted by this disease. I am so grateful for my journey of adopting YOGA as the tool that has supported my connection to my body, celebrating its uniqueness and honoring the wisdom that it has taught me, through listening to its needs on and off my yoga mat.

Gentle yoga and meditation
This class is ideal for students who want to work at a slower pace, it is suitable if you have physical limitations or are recovering from an injury. The intention is to find ease and healing in your body through gentle yoga poses and to engage in the deep practice of meditation. Brandee is skilled at adapting the class to meet the needs of her students.
Website: www.classicalyoga.ca
Facebook: facebook.com/yogawithbrandee

About L'Esprit
For more than thirty years as one of the most respected rehabilitation and physiotherapy centers in Montreal, L’Esprit has provided comprehensive health care to clients in NDG, Westmount, Hampstead, Snowden, the West Island and the greater Montreal area.

Starting from initial diagnosis, through treatment and finally offering training programs to allow for a safe return to work, sports and general functional activities, L'Esprit has helped patients live pain free and improve their health and fitness levels. We offer these services in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere where each person is provided with individual care and attention.

L'Esprit Physio & Healthcare Clinic  is accredited by SAAQ (Société de l'Assurance Automobile du Québec) and CSST (Commission de la Santé et de la Sécurité du Travail). Private patients can use healthcare insurance companies. Physicians are covered by Quebec Medicare.

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To make or change appointments, please call the clinic at 514-483-1213.

L'Esprit Physio & Healthcare Clinic  is based in Montreal and provides our patients with Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Athletic Therapy, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Orthotics, and a team of Physicians and Surgeons.

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